2024’s Modern Door and Window Trends

When searching for windows and doors for a place, most people look for style and functionality. This year, all the latest trends are all about the modern door and window trends without compromising on functionality. Whether your priority is energy efficiency or elegant designs. You will get the best of craftsmanship, transforming your dreams into reality.

Here, you will get to know about the top trends in Window Suppliers Cork for a stylish makeover for your place. With all the trendy and stylish doors and windows available in today’s scenario, your house and office space are set to dazzle. 

Latest Door and Window Trends

Let’s look at some of the latest trends in Doors and Windows: 

Serene Living

Many of the latest trends are about transitioning from interior to outdoor living spaces. Their enriching factor is the amount of natural light they allow. They also enhance air circulation with increased energy-efficiency ratings. There are sliding doors for those who want privacy, and you can get cellular shades to cover the glass. They are suitable for locations where the weather is not constant.

Smart Window 

 Smart technology is trending these days for both windows and the types of their treatments. Smart glass changes its properties when exposed to different weather conditions. Moreover, smart window treatment trends are common today, with shades and blinds becoming integrated with technology. Smart blinds are also adaptable to certain technologies.

Tempered Glass Windows

Tempered glass is much safer and more durable than regular glass. This window type is suitable for large modern windows and it can be used in many situations. It is a great choice with the extra security they provide. When looking at full window treatment trends for Window Suppliers Cork, consider combining this kind of window with different shades. These window treatments have great variation in terms of light control and look fabulous in homes. Floor-to-ceiling curtains give an elegant and classy look. 

Bold Coloured Doors

Bold-colored doors and finishes are one of the latest trends that both homeowners and designers are presently seeking. It increases the appeal and adds to the overall value of your place. Black, grey, or beige have been the obvious choice in the past. However, in the present scenario, much lighter colors, such as yellows, reds, and blues are becoming popular.

Tilt and Turn Windows

One of the more stylish trends dominating window trends is the tilt-and-turn window. They can be opened by tilting or turning, making them versatile. The advantages are that they’re easy to clean, and also give a flexible approach when it comes to ventilation. 


For a homeowner wanting to transform living spaces with the latest and most stylish window and door designs, you can contact Energy Glazing, a premier Door Company Cork. As a top-notch window and door manufacturer, we provide the best services. While working closely with our clients to create customized replacement windows and doors that go beyond their requirements and needs. We are experts at window trends and door trends. If you’re searching for a new window style or a robust fibreglass door, we handle the entire process from manufacturing doors and windows to installation. It’s this consolidated approach that guarantees you quality and style that is excellent for your place.

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