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2023’s Must-Have Inking Procreate Brushes

2023’s Must-Have Inking Procreate Brushes

As technology continues to advance, digital art has become more accessible and popular than ever before. In recent years, many artists have shifted towards using digital platforms like Procreate, a powerful and versatile drawing app for the iPad. One of the key elements of creating stunning digital artwork is the use of high-quality brushes. In this article, we will explore the must-have inking Procreate brushes for the year 2023, designed to elevate your digital art to new heights.

1. Procreate Inking Brushes – Set of 20

This Procreate brushes set includes 20 brushes designed for creating ink illustrations and sketches. It features a variety of brushes, for both linework and shading. Most of these brushes were inspired by real tools, such as fountain pens, markers, fineliners, etc… What’s included:
  • 20 Procreate brushes (.brushset format)
  • 1 JPG swatches sheet for a quick preview of all the brushes

2. INK• 63 inking brushes for Procreate

  Here are 63 brushes for realistic Inking in Procreate, сombined into the “INK.” brush set, fine for drawing and calligraphy. The brushes imitate such real instruments as sharp nib pen and flat nib pen, bristle, round, and flat brushes loaded with ink, ruling pen and folded pen, some of them make some nice spatter like real instruments do. A number of spray and splash brushes are to give liveness and fine naturalness to your art. 63 Brushes with all settings (60 brushes imitating real pens, brushes, sprays, and splashes + 3 splashes/blot brushes identic to the “SPLASHES” Brush set) for realistic digital Inking in Procreate I sincerely hope that this product will be so useful for you, as it’s useful for me when I’m using this by working on my graphics or calligraphy in Procreate.

3. The Procreate Ink Box

Introducing “The Procreate Ink Box” – your creative companion for boundless artistry! Unleash your imagination with this revolutionary tool designed for Procreate artists. This exquisite box houses a spectrum of premium ink brushes, meticulously crafted to bring your digital artwork to life with unrivaled precision and depth. Elevate your illustrations, calligraphy, and lettering to new heights with seamless strokes and captivating textures. Ignite your creativity and make every stroke count with “The Procreate Ink Box.” Don’t miss this opportunity to level up your art – purchase now and explore endless possibilities! Set with 10 Procreate Brushes that emulates inking marks. This is a digital download. In order to use the product all you need to do is to download the file and install it in Procreate.

4. NeimyKanani Procreate Brush Set

As a professional artist, creating the perfect brush set for an effortless workflow is important to me and after years of adjusting the settings, I’ve created a brush set that I’m satisfied with to use in my everyday art pieces and illustrations 27 custom brushes 9 Round Brushes – Smooth strokes and perfect for rendering and sketching. Each with different flow levels and blending. 8 Dry Media Brushes – Similar to using colored pencil and chalk (Note: Added a new brush called Follow the White Rabbit – March 2021 update) 3 Oil Paint Brushes – Trying to create an old painting effect? Here they are! Try using the smudge tool to get interesting effects 3 Inking Brushes – A bit of a rough texture that feels amazing when drawing line artworks 4 Splatter Brushes – Dust particles and stars in the night

5. Procreate Samurai Ink Brushes

About the Product Eastern Inspired Inks, and Ink-Wash Brushes for Professionals Inspired by Sumi-e, Eastern, and Japanese Ink drawings, the Samurai Inks brush pack features a set of Procreate brushes crafted from quality textures. Taken through countless hours of testing and fine-tuning, they’re capable of creating unique textured and organic-looking art in both black and white and color. Perfect for realistic, inking, beautiful Sumi e paintings, and gorgeous washes. Includes 8 realistic water-based brushes that take full advantage of Procreate 5+ new brush engine. Now you create beautiful, realistic washes, smears, and blends without hacks. Taking full advantage of the Apple Pencil’s tilt & pressure features and Procreate’s impressive brush engine, these brushes handle like traditional toolsets and work beautifully together. Updated for Procreate 5+
  • 3 new brushes: Ninja Sumi E, Samurai Fude, and Water Dragon
  • Brushes can be reset to their default settings from the “About This Brush” tab
  • Each brush embedded with our official Ink Gang Boss seal
  • 8 brushes updated with Procreate 5’s new brush engine and behave like water-based brushes. Create realistic washes, transitions, and blends!
  • Includes the original legacy versions of all updated brushes
  • Updated installation instructions included in the brush guide PDF
  • Free lifetime updates
These brushes take full advantage of the Apple Pencil’s tilt & pressure features, Procreate’s impressive brush engine, and countless hours of refining and testing.
INCLUDED FILES: Zip file with 1x Brush Set file with 18 Procreate 5+ brushes, 7 Legacy brushes, and a 29-Page PDF installation/brush guide. NOTE: These brushes are for the Procreate 5+ app only. They will not work in Photoshop



Each brush has been custom made to deliver the retro looks you love. Get energetic and expressive lines, lines with a subtle gritty texture, pens that emulate the look of ink bleed effects on cheap newsprint, and more. Whether you’re a professional illustrator looking for a reliable pack of inking brushes or just need them occasionally in graphic design work — these brushes have you covered. Ink brush set includes:
  • 11 Procreate vintage comic ink brushes (.brush format)
  • 6 ink spray stamp brushes (.brush format)
  • All the go-to brushes you need including: classic ink, comic book, dry ink, wet ink, liner brush, fountain pen, runny inker, and more
  • 1 PDF reference guide
  • 1 PDF installation guide

7. Procreate Vintage Comic Ink Brushes

If you’re a long-time comic book fan like me, you appreciate the art of inking. I crafted these brushes to mimic the vintage, comic-inspired look Procreate was missing. They deliver a subtle textured line that imitates the ink-bleed on old newsprint comic books. These brushes are perfect for adding natural touches and a more traditional feel to your linework. A Complete Professional, Vintage Ink Kit for Procreate: The brush set also includes a collection of 4 high resolution vintage paper textures, a PDF Brush Guide, and the following brushes
  • 6B Pencil
  • Vintage Inker
  • Modern Inker
  • Modern Inker Fat (For filling in large areas)
  • Janson Inker (If you don’t know Klaus Janson, Google him!)
  • CrowQuill Pen
  • Ashley Dry Brush – Legacy (Original version)
  • Vintage Tech Pen (Great for vintage Comic-style, lettering, or linework)
  • Vintage Tech Pen Smooth (Great for smooth Comic-style, lettering, or linework)
  • Paper Grain Inker (For even more realistic paper bleed!)
  • 45 Halftone Line (For that finishing touch)
  • 45 Halftone Dot (For that finishing touch)
  • BONUS: 4 High-Resolution Vintage Paper Textures. Paper tutorial video available
  • Masking Palette
  • PDF Install and Brush Guide
NOTE: THESE BRUSHES ARE FOR PROCREATE 5+. THEY WILL NOT WORK IN PHOTOSHOP. INCLUDED: Zip file containing 13 Procreate Brushes, 1 Legacy Procreate Brush, PDF Brush Guide with an easy install guide, 4 Vintage Paper Textures, and Masking Palette

8. Broken Inkers for Procreate

About the Product: Runny Inking Brushes for Procreate The Broken Inkers brush set is the perfect brush set for creating realistic inky pen effects in Procreate. This brush pack is ideal for a wide range of uses including comic books, cartoons, hand lettering, and more.
  • 8 runny inking brushes for Procreate.
  • Kit includes a wide range of runny inking Procreate brushes including drizzles, gloops, beaded ink, blotchy ink, and more.
  • Works great for comic books, cartoons, illustrations, lettering, and more.
  • High quality brushes developed and tested by professional illustrators.
  • Includes easy-to-follow Procreate brush download instructions and brush quick reference sheet.
An Illustrator’s Secret Weapon If you’re a cartoonist, comic book artist, or illustrator these brushes are your new secret weapon. Retro illustrators use to “season” their pens to get this effect. Their exact methods were a closely guarded secret. But we’ve cracked the code and converted these “seasoned” pens into runny inkers that will make your friends beg to know how you got the effect. How Are Broken Ink Pens Made? Runny pens are the result of a variety of culprits including ink drying and gumming up the tip, air pressure, or a misaligned feed and nib setting. Whatever the reason, a runny inker can create excellent-looking illustrations filled with quirky characters and surprises. The problem is it’s hard to make a pen behave this way. That’s why we made the Broken Inkers Brush Set for Procreate. These Procreate brushes make it easy to capture the dribbles, gloops, blotches, and other textures an old ink pen can create. Here Are the Pens You’re Getting These inking brushes for Procreate give you a wide range of effects in eight professionally made brushes including Beaded Inker: Create a line of beaded ink drops that look so natural you can practically smell the carbon and solvent used to make the ink. Drizzle Inker: Get a fine line of drizzly black India ink that is perfect for more detailed line work. Blotchy Inker: Watch thick blobs of ink make a controlled mess with this classic inker. Gloopy Inker: A thick toothy line of black ink that responds accordingly to pressure. Made for exaggerated tapering. Lolly’s Skipping Ink: Why’s it called Lolly’s Skipping Ink? I can’t remember anymore (blame it on the ink fumes). This inker is complete chaos. Old Faithful Inker: Add just a touch of dribble to your work with the Old Faithful Inker. Inspired by the illustration work of Shel Silverstein. Chumpy Inker: Old Faithful’s trouble-making older brother. This pen gives you plenty of control but has a rebellious streak. Jiggly Inker: What a friggin’ mess! The Jiggly Inker is like a flash flood of dark ink rolling across the page. Use it to create gigantic blobs of black or crude cartoons and lettering. If you’re looking for runny inking brushes for Procreate this pack is for you. Just look at the preview images to see all the possibilities this diverse set of Procreate brushes offers. Grab ’em now and capture the look of quirky illustrations, comics, cartoons and more.

9. Procreate Brushes Starter Kit 3060368

Introducing ‘’Procreate Brushes Starter Kit’’, a sample collection of 16 Procreate brushes from some of my sketching, drawing & painting sets! This kit is great for those who’d like to get a few useful brushes, but don’t necessarily want to purchase all full sets. It includes a nice selection of brushes inspired by traditional media tools such as pencils, ink, charcoal and paint. If you prefer, you can also buy the sets separately. What’s included: You will receive a ZIP containing a .brushset file that includes the 16 brushes, as well as a JPG swatches sheet for a quick preview of all the brushes.
To use these brushes, you will need:
  • The iPad app Procreate (the brushes will only work in Procreate)
  • An iPad + stylus: even though the brushes will work with other iPad models and third party styluses, I recommend the iPad Pro + Apple Pencil combo, as they’re currently the most precise & accurate tools for drawing in Procreate. The brushes were created & tested using an Apple Pencil so I cannot guarantee that they will behave as advertised with third party styluses.

10. Procreate Ink Box

Unleash your creativity like never before with the Procreate Ink Box! This revolutionary tool is specially designed to elevate your digital art experience to new heights. Enjoy smooth and precise strokes, rich and vibrant colors, and seamless compatibility with Procreate software. The sleek and ergonomic design ensures comfort during long creative sessions. Whether you’re a professional artist or an aspiring enthusiast, the Procreate Ink Box is a must-have addition to your digital toolkit. Elevate your artistry today and bring your imagination to life with the Procreate Ink Box! 26 custom inking brushes for Procreate app! Here’s a variety of pens and ink brushes for drawing comics and the like. There are fine-line pens, smooth and silky inkers, and even some crunchy texture brushes. All of the brushes take advantage of Procreate’s streamline feature to help you achieve the smoothest curves and lines.

11. Inkers Procreate Brush Set 3515192

Ink like you’ve never Inked before! A set of 12 inking brushes for Procreate that I use in my day-to-day illustration and lettering work. Many hours have been spent fine-tuning and tweaking these brushes to create a set of responsive, natural brushes. Hopefully, you enjoy using them as much as I do! There is a range of different styles from thick and solid to textured and broken.
The Brushes Below is a quick summary of each brush included in the set:
  • Smooth like Butter – Simple and solid, perfect for outlining.
  • Built to Last – Similar to the SLB brush above but has a different nib shape giving it a different feel when lining.
  • Bobble – Adds a bumpy, bobbliness to the more straightforward inkers above. Perfect if you want that bit of texture to your lines without too much texture.
  • Straggle – A little distortion and texture start to add a subtle but uneven finish to your lines.
  • Prickle – Gives you that ‘my Posca pen is running out’ feel when lining but works equally well when used to fill and color in.
  • Dry Sponge – A bit like drawing with a tiny sponge… It gives you a solid line with a little bit of texture and grittiness.
  • Drag – Takes the unbroken, grittiness to another level giving you a brush that works equally well as a liner or filler inner (I’m not sure that’s a phrase)
  • A New Stipple / The Stipple Strikes Back / Return of the Stipple – A collection of 3 gritty, broken inkers that give you a ton of texture either as a liner for less detailed stuff or to fill something in as a simple shader.
  • Draggy Dots / Dotty Dots – For when you want some textured dots in your work.

12. 100+ Unique Brushes, Textures & Effects

Introducing our “100+ Unique Brushes, Textures & Effects” – a creative powerhouse for all your design needs! Unleash your artistic potential with this extensive collection of versatile brushes, captivating textures, and awe-inspiring effects. Craft stunning illustrations, digital masterpieces, and captivating designs effortlessly. With endless possibilities at your fingertips, you’ll experience an unmatched level of creativity and productivity. Elevate your projects to new heights and stand out from the crowd. Don’t miss this opportunity to bring your visions to life and make a lasting impact. Unlock your artistic genius today! 9 professional collections for Photoshop and Procreate. 35 customizable grunge textures. Wide variety of brushes – crosshatching, inking, neon, pattern, ink, sketching. Neon alphabet kit. Perfect collection to create unique logos, illustrations, patterns and more. This unique bundle is made up of 9 resourceful collections for Photoshop and Procreate. It’s a perfect mix of Procreate brushes (from crosshatching to sketching), neon-inspired kits and grunge textures. The extended license that’s included allows you to whip up as many neat projects as you’d like for both personal and commercial use.

13. Georg’s InkTober 2020 47 Brushes Set

Discover Limitless Creativity with Georg’s InkTober 2020 47 Brushes Set: Unleash your artistic potential with this exceptional brush set inspired by InkTober! Crafted by acclaimed artist Georg, these 47 meticulously designed brushes offer a diverse range of textures and strokes, perfect for digital artists and illustrators. Whether you’re sketching, inking, or adding captivating details, these brushes elevate your artwork to new heights. Experience smooth, precise lines and unleash your imagination with this must-have set. Elevate your digital art today and embrace the InkTober spirit!

14. Rusty Nib Inkers for Procreate

Over 130 pro-quality distressed inking brushes for Procreate, from rough and gritty to smooth and delicate and everything between. Each brush is built from scratch using original analogue brush and texture samples to create a diverse and powerful set of tools that combine the tactile beauty of ink on paper with the convenience of a modern digital workflow. With a huge range of authentic stroke styles, textures, edge effects, poses and brush feels The Rusty Nib Brush Set is as realistic as it is diverse. We’ve got you covered whether you’re re-creating the gritty aesthetic of scanned print ephemera or aiming for the subtlety of real india ink flowing onto the page.
Here’s what you get:
  • 122 x Distressed Inking Brushes in total including:
  • 37 x Nibs and Tech Pens
  • 14 x Brush Pens
  • 43 x Brush Inkers
  • 08 x Flat Brushes
  • 05 x Sumi-E Brushes.
  • 07 x Ink Washes and Watercolors
  • 08 x Bonus Effects Brushes
  • 1 x Installation Guide
  • 1 x Printable Brush Preview Booklet
  • Free updates.
Key features:
  • Huge variety of textures, edge effects and brush poses to suit almost any drawing style.
  • Built from high-def analogue source materials and designed for pro-quality output.
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use whether your’e a weekend warrior honing your craft or a full-time pro chasing deadlines and dreams.
  • Easy to navigate brush list with dividers separating brushes by style.
  • Includes easy-to-use ink washes and watercolors with realistic bleed and blend effects for authentic results.

15. Procreate Texture Brushes BUNDLE!

Experience the ultimate creative arsenal with our Procreate Texture Brushes BUNDLE! This meticulously curated collection is a must-have for artists, illustrators, and designers seeking authenticity in their digital creations. Revel in the captivating blend of realistic textures that lend depth and dimension to your work. From soft pastels to gritty charcoals, this bundle caters to all artistic styles. Seamlessly integrated into Procreate, you’ll enjoy a hassle-free workflow and impeccable results. Upgrade your digital artistry today and embrace a realm of endless possibilities. Get your hands on the Procreate Texture Brushes BUNDLE and witness your imagination soar like never before! BRUSH PACKS INCLUDED
  • Essential Brushes (12 brushes)
  • Textured Brushes Pro (8 brushes)
  • Painterly Brushes (10 brushes)
  • Perfect Inking (8 brushes)
  • Top 10 (10 brushes)
  • Old Masters (10 brushes)
  • Photoshop-like (10 brushes)
  • Grain brushes (8 brushes)
  • Texture Brushes (6 brushes)
  • Rull Brushes (10 brushes)
  • Charcoal Brushes (5 brushes)
  • Sketch Brushes (8 brushes)

16. The Role of Community and Collaboration

The digital art community is vibrant and supportive, with artists often sharing their brush creations and techniques. Engaging with the community and collaborating with other artists can inspire new ideas and push the boundaries of your artistic capabilities.

17. Conclusion

Inking Procreate brushes are indispensable tools for artists seeking to elevate their digital artwork. The variety and versatility of these brushes allow artists to experiment, create, and produce stunning illustrations that capture the imagination of viewers.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Are Procreate brushes compatible with other digital art platforms? Yes, Procreate brushes can be converted and used on other compatible digital art platforms, but some features may vary. 2. Can I use these brushes for commercial projects? Most brush sets come with clear licensing terms. Ensure you review the licensing agreements before using them for commercial purposes. 3. Are there any free inking Procreate brushes available? Yes, you can find both free and premium inking Procreate brushes online. However, premium brushes often offer more features and customization options. 4. How can I create my custom brushes in Procreate? Procreate provides an intuitive interface for creating custom brushes. You can experiment with various settings and textures to design brushes that align with your artistic vision. 5. Can I combine different brushes within one artwork? Absolutely! In fact, blending different brushes can lead to unique and visually striking illustrations. Experiment with various brushes to find the perfect combination for your artwork.
  In conclusion, 2023’s must-have inking Procreate brushes offer a diverse and powerful set of tools for digital artists. From monoline brushes for clean outlines to vintage brushes for a nostalgic touch, and from calligraphy brushes for elegant lettering to texture brushes for depth, these brushes elevate the quality of digital artwork and unlock new creative possibilities. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting your artistic journey, investing in high-quality inking brushes will undoubtedly take your digital art to the next level. So, grab your brushes, let your imagination run wild, and create mesmerizing illustrations that leave a lasting impact on your audience. Happy inking!  

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