11 Ways To Save Money On Groceries In Canada

Food is expensive, and the cost keeps rising. Finding strategies to save money at the grocery store the next time you go shopping is crucial because food is one of the main expenses for the average family. The typical Canadian household (a family of four) monthly grocery budget Canada 2022 is anticipated$11,948 overall.

It makes sense to look for ways to save big on groceries in these difficult economic times and amid rising food prices. We have discussed some of the best ways to reduce the cost of goods, from sales to batch cooking and dollar stores. Here in this guide, we have listed 11 ways to save money on groceries in Canada.

11 Ways To Save Money On Groceries 

Shopping on a budget is, as we all know, one of the finest methods to save a lot of money on groceries. You can save a tonne of money if you shop for groceries utilizing a few tested techniques. But what are these tried-and-true methods, and what particular pointers and advice should you need to make sure you are really saving a lot of money? How to save money on groceries Canada Reddit? Below, you will find 11 ways to save money on groceries in Canada.

Make A Weekly Meal Plan

Make a menu plan for the week’s meals before you go to the store or begin your internet shopping. By doing so, you will reduce food waste and know exactly what items to buy. Meal planning can help you save a tonne of money given that wasted food costs the typical Canadian household $1,100 per year.

If planning meals for an entire week seems overwhelming, start with dinner and create a few meals that suit your needs. Think about making large batches of food, like a big pot of chili, then freezing the leftovers.

Obtain ideas online. Your favorite search engine will immediately return a tonne of results when you type in “simple healthy meal.”

Check Your Fridge

Prior to leaving the house, you can begin saving money on groceries. Before making a purchase, have a look in your pantry and refrigerator to see what you already have. As a result, you may make plans to use any things that are approaching their expiration dates rather than letting them go to waste.

Create A Grocery List

You will save time and money at the register by making a list before you go shopping. It lessens the need to wander through the aisles, which in turn lessens the amount of impulsive and unnecessary things that find their way into your basket and onto your final bill.

Get A Credit CardThat Rewards Grocery Purchase

If you want to get the most of every dollar you spend on food, get a credit card that offers benefits for shopping at grocery stores. Some give back cash for every dollar spent on food-related purchases, while others offer points that can be exchanged for free groceries, products, hotel stays, and other items. Some of them do not even charge an annual fee, so you are essentially getting paid to charge your credit card for groceries.

Ask Your Favorite Brands For Coupons

Visit the websites of the products you absolutely adore and depend on to get coupons. Brands are constantly trying to engage with their customers, and they frequently do this by providing discounts directly to your mailbox.

Even more discounts and promos can be found in some firms’ emails. Some companies may offer you a few free samples in addition to manufacturer’s coupons. Asking is never harmful.

Pick The Generic Brand

Many supermarket chains provide their own generic brand of common goods. And you probably will not notice the difference if you are eating mainstays like peanut butter or chickpeas. You might be surprised by the wide variety of generic brand goods on the market, which range from Spanish olives to beer.

Do not assume, though, that generics are always less expensive. You might choose a well-known brand if there is a nice discount.

Consume Seasonal Produce

Buying seasonal foods will reduce your grocery bill. Especially if you enjoy making smoothies, buy, cut up, and freeze fruits when they are plentiful, affordable, and fresh. When their season is through and they are more expensive, you will not need to buy them as frequently if you make jam and can do what you can.

Get The Money Making App

What if you could make money by making regular purchases? There are apps that can automatically give you money back on purchases that qualify. The cashback amount will be automatically added to your account when you make purchases at participating stores.

Grocery stores are not currently among the retailers, but if you can, use the money you save on other purchases to pay for your subsequent trip to the grocery store.

Purchase From Freezer Section

The majority of nutritionists will advise you to shop in the freezer department and along the store’s perimeter. In addition to being more affordable than their fresh counterparts, frozen fruits and vegetables also tend to be richer in nutrition because they are chosen and frozen when they are at their best.

Avoid the aisles that are stocked with sugary snacks and fast meals. They can be really enticing, particularly if you buy while you are hungry, which is never a smart idea.

Shop At Farmer’s Markets

In Canada, there are lots of farmer’s markets where you may buy fresh, local products at lower prices than you would find at big-box stores.

Buy In Bulk

The annual membership cost is quickly repaid at bulk food retailers like Costco, which provide excellent prices on household essentials and bulk goods.

Bottom Line 

Here in this guide, we have mentioned 11 ways to save money on groceries in Canada. Next time you go out for your grocery shopping, keep these points in your mind if you want to save money. We hope you find these grocery shopping tips helpful. 

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