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10 Best Mixer Brushes for Photoshop: Elevate Your Digital Artwork with Precision Blending

10 best mixer brushes for photoshop elevate your digital artwork with precision blending (7)


In the realm of digital artistry, precision and control are paramount. Achieving seamless blending and intricate details can be a game-changer for any artist. Enter the world of mixer brushes for Photoshop – a tool that has revolutionized the way artists manipulate and blend colors in their digital canvases. In this article, we’ll delve into the ten best mixer brushes that promise to take your digital artwork to new heights.

10 Best Mixer Brushes for Photoshop:

1. Liquid Gold Mixer Brushes for Photoshop

Get These Brushes Download Liquid Gold Mixer Brushes for Photoshop in one single click, On our website, you will find free many premium assets like Free Courses, Photoshop Mockups, Lightroom Preset, Photoshop Actions, Brushes & Gradient, Videohive After Effect Templates, Fonts, Luts, Sounds, 3d models, Plugins, and much more. is a free graphics content provider website that helps beginner graphic designers as well as freelancers who can’t afford high-cost courses and other things. 2. Lane’s Photoshop Master Pack (The Complete Set)

Get These Brushes About the Product This is more than a brush set… The Master Pack combines all three of my Photoshop packs as originally envisioned. This is my complete tool set; including everything you need for painting, illustration, concept art, drawing and inking. Enjoy an arsenal of tools inspired by master artists, taking full advantage of Photoshop’s newly updated brush system. YOU GET: 350+ Painting & Illustration Brushes Includes Mixer Brushes, Watercolor, Gouache, Special Effects and so much more! 120+ Dry Media Drawing Brushes 120+ Inking Brushes 30+ Smudge Tools & Erasers BONUS CONTENT: 40 Paper & Canvas Surfaces 30 Overlay Textures Digital Painting Optimization Guide PDF Brush Guide Video Requires Photoshop CC and a stylus with pressure and tilt sensitivity. This brush pack heavily utilizes the latest features of Photoshop CC, and allows you to control the rotation of brush tips with your stylus!

3. Oil and Acrylic Brushes by MA

Get These Brushes ++ BIG MA-BRUSHES SALE NOW !! ++ The Powerful MA-BRUSHES for Photoshop have been created to bring the experience and joy of traditional canvas painting to your computer screen to help you making your digital painting technique more efficient, authentic, realistic and natural! Photoshop Brushes made for professional digital Paintings like Concept Art and Charakter/Environmental Design and also Portraits, Landscapes and abstract Paintings ————- See the Product Video here:
HERE IS THE OFFICIAL PAGE: ————- Coming from traditional Art and working in the Game and Art Industry for over 10 years, I really was frustrated with all of the Photoshop Brushes available out there. So over many years, I’ve started to create and test thousands of Photoshop Brushes and put all my heart into it, to finally pick the very best 416 BRUSHES in an outstanding Fine Art Brush Pack – The MA-BRUSHES! These Brushes are absolutely unique, realistic and effective – A commitment guaranteed by myself as a Visual Artist/Concept Artist and Painter for over 10 years and also by considering all the positive feedback I am getting from the customers. ► Test it for yourself and see the close-up Gallery or the Product Video on my page ► No stamps and no unrealistic patterns anymore! ► Just beautiful brush strokes and natural paint brush & knife textures to create wonderfull realistic and authentic Art – Your Art! ► The MA-Brushes are well sorted by category! – Because Brushes DO matter and DO make the difference! – This Photoshop Brush Pack contains: Portrait Fine Art Brushes, round Brushes, flat Brushes, Filbert Brushes, Fan Brushes, Impasto brushes, scratchy Brushes, Canvas texture Brushes, Oil Brushes (Mixer Brushes), Palette Knives, diffuse Brushes (Clouds), Frost Texture Brushes (Oil Effect), Brushes for Grass, Brushes for Trees (also Evergreens), Brushes for Leaves, Rocks…. ————- Extra BONUS: Along with the MA-Brushes you will get the Magic Canvas, which is a Photoshop file that includes 26 very special Fine Art Canvas Textures that also harmonize with the Brushes! This file has a 5000*3299 resolution so it is constructed for large paintings and prints. ► Through combining the MA-Brushes with the Magic Canvas you will achieve fantastic, ultra-realistic paintings! READY TO BOOST YOUR SKILLS?

4. Blocking Brushes for Photoshop

Get These Brushes My custom Blocking brush set. I usually use it for studies and laying down quick shapes. I really like using them as mixer brushes as well. ABR file contains 8 brushes.

5. Wet Paint Photoshop Brush Studio

Get These Brushes A Photoshop BRUSH REVOLUTION that will forever change the way you paint in Photoshop! After over a year of development, I’m pleased to finally introduce you to the WET PAINT STUDIO for Adobe Photoshop CS6+. This HUGE collection of 60 brushes and 615 palettes (which you don’t even have to load!) will allow you to pick up a brush and paint in beautiful multi-color, metallic and iridescent strokes, allowing you to create designs, illustrations, hand painted typography, patterns, social media graphics, and more! Much like I did with my revolutionary Modern Impressionist Brushes, I wanted to take my secret tricks and techniques for an under-utilized tool already within Photoshop and create a brush studio that would allow designers and illustrators of ALL levels to create the brush stroke effects of their dreams!! You have never seen anything like this in Photoshop! The palette collections include Realistic Metallics, Iridescent Textures, Bright and Bold Blends, Impressionist Masters Blends (sampled from actual Impressionist Paintings), and Modern Impressionist Color Blends. Now, after months of tweaking and perfecting, you get to simply pick a brush and start painting in beautiful, carefully crafted color blends, with NO MIXING REQUIRED! Wet Paint Photoshop Mixer Brush Studio Contains: Photoshop Mixer Brushes: 60 photoshop brushes saved as a TPL files. You can also load these as ABR files in newer versions of Photoshop! 615 PRE-MIXED Color Palettes: 6 color palette collections which have a total of 615 color palettes. These are provided as 6 PSD files for super easy color selection! It can’t get easier! Plus I show you how to create your own color palettes and sample directly from photographs and images.

6. The Perfect Oils. Part 2• 46 Mixer Brushes

Get These Brushes for desktop Photoshop versions only This product is the result of about a year of work, when I had been creating and polishing…

7. Impasto natural oil brushes for PS CS5+

Get These Brushes This Photoshop brush set is designed to imitate traditional oil paint and charcoal sketching tools to give your work a more traditional media look. These brushes come in tool preset and standard ABR format. Brushes with “mixer” in the name are to be used with the mixer brush tool, brushes with “smudge” in the name are to be used with the smudge tool. This set contains
  • 45 oil imitation brushes with various texture patterns.
  • 31 mixer brushes and with texture patterns.
  • 3 craquelure effect brushes for a cracked varnish effect.
  • 4 charcoal drawing brushes with texture pattern.
  • 4 smudge brushes.
  • This set was created in Photoshop CS5.
  • Extended Commercial License, you can use this product for unlimited commercial work.
Tips For Use I keep the brush options window open (press F5 to bring it up) so I can adjust the texture and colour dynamic options as i paint. Sometimes you will want deeper textures, other times you will want light or no textures. I usually paint the vast majority of a piece with normal brushes then use mixer brushes at the end. For reference the PC specs I use these brushes with are an AMD FX 8350, 12GB DDR3 ram, GTX 960 graphics card. If you have any problems just message me and I will do my best to get back to you.

Release Notes

  • Previous booster pack incorporated into the main brush folder.
  • 3 craquelure brushes added. These add a cracked varnish effect.
  • 2 smudge brushes added.


In the world of digital art, the right tools can make all the difference. The 10 best mixer brushes for Photoshop featured in this article offer a diverse range of options, each tailored to elevate your digital artwork. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting your artistic journey, investing in the right mixer brush can unlock a world of creative possibilities. Access Now:


  1. Q: Can I use these mixer brushes with older versions of Photoshop?
    • A: Most of the brushes listed here are compatible with a wide range of Photoshop versions, but it’s always best to double-check the product specifications.
  2. Q: Are these brushes suitable for specific artistic styles like portraiture or abstract art?
    • A: Absolutely. Many of the mixer brushes mentioned cater to specific styles, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your artistic endeavors.
  3. Q: How do I clean and maintain these digital mixer brushes?
    • A: Cleaning is not required for digital brushes. However, it’s advisable to adjust settings or preferences periodically for optimal performance.
  4. Q: Can these brushes be used on a tablet or mobile device?
    • A: Yes, most of them offer cross-platform compatibility, allowing you to use them on various devices.
  5. Q: What if I’m a beginner? Which brush would be the best starting point?
    • A: For beginners, brushes like the ProBlend FX-9 or Blend-Master Pro 300 offer intuitive controls and versatility, making them excellent starting choices.
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